It is often said that the first impression is the best impression. In order to stand out in a trend following industry, it is essential for an artist’s brand to be carefully crafted and designed. It’s a part of the artist’s identity and sets them apart from everyone else. With the advancement of modern technology and social media, artists’ presence and images sometimes outweigh their talent. What better way to ensure success than to carefully design a specifically unique brand? Push and Promo understands digital logistics and study fan feedback, data, and reports. This is utilized to choose the best image for our artists. Fans sometimes idolize and mimic their favorite stars by following their social media outlets and posts. Our team delivers the total package by analyzing trend patterns and using the results to accurately project the desired image.


Proper marketing is essential to a successful career. With majority of marketing in the industry being digital, Push and Promo covers marketing on a local, regional, national, and even global scale. We cater to the artist as well as the audience by offering a range of services to accomplish campaign marketing goals. Digital marketing coincides with branding due to popularity of social media. No matter the market or outreach desired, our company covers all levels.


Imaging is everything! People tend to connect with artists on an emotional level for many different reasons. An artist must portray an image that attracts fans and entertains audiences of all race,gender, nationality, etc. Technology calls for digital publicity because it allows that connection to take place. Push and Promo uses strategic wording and placement to allow audiences to easily find and keep up with artists. Our outreach is just as our marketing and covers any and every market desired. We take it beyond outdated resources. We allow the artist to control what fans see, where they see it, and how. The success of the artist is up to them.